Noor Rahman Noor


Dr. Noor Rahman Noor

MD, Candidate for Public Health Nutrition PGD


1997-2004:  Graduated from Nangarhar Medical Faculty (MD) Nangarhar University Afghanistan.   


  • March 2015 to date: Nutrition Surveillance Regional Focal Point with WHO/PND-MoPH
  • August 2012 to Feb 2015: Nutrition Program Manager in Kabul with Action Contrela Faim (ACF)
  • 1st Oct 2009 – July 2012: Provincial CDC/Nutrition officer in Laghman with Swedish committee for Afghanistan (SCA)
  • 15th Nov 2009 to 30th June 2010: Project Supervisor with Micronutrient Initiative (MI)/(SCA) in Laghman Province
  • 1st July 2008 to 30th Sep 2009: Provincial CDC-officer in Laghman with
  • Aid Medical International (AMI)
  • Working Experience in health facilities:
    • Jun 2006 to Jun 2008: In charge Medical Officer in Arans BHC with (IMC) and (SCA) Nuristan.
    • Oct 2005-May 2006: Medical officer in Want DH (SCA) Nuristan.
    • Dec 2004 – Sep 2005: In charge Medical officer in Wama BHC clinic (MoPH & SCA) Nuristan.

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Skype: dr.noor.rahman1

Cell: 0093-700 664 104,