IYCF Background

Afghanistan is one of the highest rates of chronic malnutrition among children GAM national Average is 9.5%, from 9.5% 4 % is sever acute malnutrition and 5.5% is moderate  acute malnutrition

Global underweight national Average is 25%, Global stunting at national level is 40.9% .from 40.9%, 20.9% is sever stunting and 20% is moderate stunting at national level which are close  related with  IYCF services in first 1000days of live.

The NSS show Initiation of breastfeeding within one hour after birth 69.4%, Exclusive breastfeeding, in children

0-6 months 58.4% and Minimum acceptable diet1 in children 6-23 months 22.1% it show good achievement in IYCF practice if we compare it with previous nutrition survey however due to problems in  IYCF practices there are present more  MAM and  SAM under  five children in the country .

Therefore PND had systemic plan to gradually develop the IYCF services in HF level and community level and developed IYCF policy and strategy, BFCC guideline for trainer and participants, BFHI guideline for both trainer and participants, official Gazette of breast milk substitute, IYCF training package, IYCF strategy during emergency, speech for Mula Imam and developed IYCF and BFHI monitoring check list for health facilities and Market level.

BFHI and IYCF training conducted to all level Health facilities staff, IYCF services is performed in all level health facilities like CHC, BHC, SHC, DH and PH.

Services of Breast milk substitute

Official Gazette of Breast milk substitute was developed and approve from ministry of Justice and passed from Cabina

For control of Breast milk substitute one committee established from PND, environments health department, low and regulation department and municipality department these committee regular conduct monitoring from Markets, hospitals, drug store and shops

IYCF department conduct monitoring from Broadcasting like all governmental and privet televisions, Radios channels and news paper

IYCF IEC material are developed, printed and in use.

Monitoring conducted from Billboards with Municipality department to prevent from Marketing of non-standards breast milk substitutes

Orientation about standard breast milk substitute conducted to costume and municipality department and to all national traders to control the breast milk substitute prevent import of nonstandard breast milk substitutes

For information and awareness of people Periodically interweave regarding IYCF and Breast milk substitute  conducted with Tolo TV , Ariana TV , Shamshad TV , Mili TV Zowndon TV, Khurshed TV ,Yek TV ,Saba TV and Tamadun TV, also Periodically interweave regarding IYCF and Breast milk substitute  conducted in In BBC Radio ,Shamshad Radio and Azadi Radio .

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