PND Director

PND Staff

Public Nutrition Department Director

Dr. Mohammad Humayoun “Ludin”

Dr.M.Homayoun Ludin Graduated MPH, MD,Medical Faculty, Afghanistan,

He works as Director of Public Nutrition and National Nutrition officer/consultant with Ministry of Public Health for 13 years ( 2006 and up to now), coordinating IYCF counseling and programs including implementation and monitoring of National BMS code, BFHI in hospitals of Afghanistan, Management of Acute Malnutrition in 1061 health facilities and Hospitals throughout the country. Micronutrient supplementation and fortification programs as will,

He is a lecturer in a medical faculty too.

International facilitator on IYCF 4 in 1 through IBFAN/BPNI, which he has been provided training several health profestionals on IYCF in India and Afghanistan.




Nutrition consultant for conduction of Rapid Nutritional assessment in 11 provinces of Afghanistan by financial support of UNICEF,


Nutrition consultant for conduction of Rapid Nutritional assessment in 11 provinces of Afghanistan by financial support of WHO,  

2013- 2014:

Coordinator for National Nutrition Survey,  

2015- 2016:

Technical facilitator for National Afghanistan health household survey


Infant and Young Child Feeding consultant with International Baby food  action Network (IBFAN)

2014- 2015:

Nutrition consultant with Micronutrient initiative on landscape and stakeholder  analysis for prevention and treatment of Acute Malnutrition

2015- 2016:

Nutrition consultant with CHACCI Company for assessment of Nutrition and gender in Afghanistan, to provide report for USAID,  


MD, medical Faculty of Nangarhar University, Afghanistan,

Public Health course from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) in Kabul

Master of Public Health in 2015-2016 from OPJS , India

Post graduate Diploma on Public Health Nutrition in Public Health foundation in India,

Since this period:

9200 HF staff trained on Nutrition guideline and SOP

Community based nutrition package developed and the ToT training is conducted for national staff.

Nutrition counselor guideline developed and the Nutriton counselors hired for each health facility and the training of them are ongoing.

Food based dietary guideline developed and 6000 copies printed and integrated into national Nutrition guideline of MoPH.

National Nutrition surveillance system established and the data is regularly collected.

Following is the detail of our achievements under our directorate

       1. Policy level

  • PND upgraded to Directorate level
  • National Nutrition Strategy is Revised
  • Food Based Dietary Guideline developed, launched by MoPH, MoE,MAIL and distributed
  • Food fortification Regulation drafted
  • Nutrition costing study drafted by support of HEFD,WB

      2. Service Delivery

  • Development of SOP/Guidelines for BPHS implementers
  • One nutrition counselor hired in each health facility beginning through SEHAT phase 3 for 18 provinces (but about 2000 Nutrition Counsellors (all female) will be hired in all BPHS health facilities )
  • Coordination and leadership on IHSAN project support for Nutrition
  • Coordination and leadership on Canadian fund to support Nutrition
  • Coordination and leadership on EU support to capacity development
  • Coordination and leadership on UNICEF,WHO,WFP,FAO projects
  • Coordination and leadership on SCI projects
  • Community based nutrition package has been developed
  • Hiring Provincial Nutrition officer by BPHS in all provinces
  • Hiring 3 additional Nutrition facilitators/Mentors through UNICEF and ISHAN
  • Capacity development of PND through hiring Nutrition experts by support of WHO and UNICEF s
  • Arrangements made to procure RUTF for all BPHS implementing partners through MoPH financing by SEHAT
  • Nutrition SOP training to the health workers (8,230 MD, Nurses, MW,CHS, PNOs)
  • Nutrition diploma (Post-graduate) course for nutrition practitioners started in India
  • Integration of nutrition in Ghazanfar institute and KMU curriculum

      3. Monitoring and Reporting

  • Nutrition Surveillance system established
  • Nutrition data based established
  • Joint monitoring (PND ,M&E and GCMU ) of 34 provinces monitored by PND in one year
  • Regional Nutrition Monitoring and coordination

      4. Coordination/ Communication

  • Nutrition websites developed and all Nutrition documents, reports … are available
  • PND is leading and coordinating all Nutrition Coordination and technical Working groups meetings( NPCC, AIM,IMAM,IYCF,TAC,CB…)
  • Nutrition Communication Strategy, drafted
  • Inter-ministerial coordination
  • multi-sectoral coordination Started
  • Codex committee established and MoU signed
  • AFSeN agenda established and coordination mechanisms are followed
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