NNSS Afghanistan Nutrition Bulletin November 2017 final ISSUE 10

In March 2013 the Ministry of Public Health supported by WHO and UNICEF began operationalizing a sentinel sitebased national nutrition surveillance system (NNSS) in Afghanistan. Funded by the Global Affairs Canada (GAC) the initiative is implemented through health facilities in Basic Package of Health Services (BPHS) and the Essential Package of Hospital Services (EPHS). The project seeks to establish a sentinel site-based nutrition surveillance system that covers all 34 provinces of the country. A well-functioning nutrition surveillance system provides timely and reliable information which helps the government and partners to effectively plan and implement maternal, neonatal and child health and nutrition programs. Ultimately, the system seeks to increase access to equitable and gender-sensitive health and nutrition services to mothers and children, while ensuring that their health needs are met and vulnerabilities reduced. The program supports the implementation of sentinel sites’ nutrition surveillance through community-based sites and health facilities.