NNS – 2013 Report

I am pleased to present the report of National Nutrition Survey 2013 which aimed to assess the nutrition and micronutrient status of the Afghan population. After the last National Nutrition Survey conducted in 2004 which provided national estimates, this is the first National Survey in Afghanistan targeting all 34 provinces providing province based nutrition indicators for children, women and elderly.

The report provides important information to help government, health professionals and development partners to understand the changes and effectiveness of strategies in nutrition and micronutrient status of the Afghan population since 2004. Just as importantly, it provides the information needed for the public and private sectors to work together to develop targeted strategies to address a range of nutrition concerns in women and children. It also sets a benchmark against which to measure the impact of health and nutrition strategies. The Ministry of Public Health has initiated various nutrition intervention programs and policies, and actively coordinates the efforts of various sectors towards improving the public nutrition situation in Afghanistan.