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Public Nutrition Directorate (PND)

The Public Nutrition Directorate (PND) is one of the directorates in the structure of General Directorate of Preventive Medicine (GDoPM) in the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) of Afghanistan, established in 2002. Its vision is having optimal nutritional status for all Afghans within having the goal of reducing mortality and morbidity and contributing to economic development of the nation. Mission of the Public Nutrition Directorate is to sustainably improve the nutritional status of the people of Afghanistan, especially women and children, by advocating for and supporting strategies and actions to enable the population to adopt healthy dietary practices, access to nutritious foods and benefit from quality preventive and therapeutic nutrition services.

The PND is the main technical unit of the MoPH responsible for the implementation and oversight of its strategic interventions.  It closely coordinates its work with other relevant departments of MoPH, such as Child and Adolescent Health, Reproductive Health, Environmental Health, Health Promotion, Food and Drug Quality Laboratory, Immunization, Monitoring and Evaluation, Diseases Early Warning System, Health Management Information System, Community Based Health Care, Grants and Contracts Management Unit and etc.

Furthermore, PND has strong collaboration with a number of other ministries which is necessary for effective implementation of the Public Nutrition Strategic Interventions e.g. Ministry of commerce & industries (MoCI), Ministry of Internal Affairs (MoIA), Ministry of  Finance (MoF), Ministry of Religious Affairs (MoRA), Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD), Ministry of Education (MoE), Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Land (MAIL), Ministry of Information and Culture (MoIC), Ministry of Women Affairs (MoWA), Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyred and Disabled (MoLSAMD), Deputy Ministry of commerce, Directorate of Municipality and Directorate of Norms & Standards.

The PND has essential collaborative relationships with various entities outside of the government sector for supporting the public nutrition programs and projects.  They include UN agencies (WHO, UNICEF, WFP and FAO); bi-lateral and multi-lateral donor agencies (EU, GAC, USAID); Nutrition Partner NGOs (SCI, ACF, WVI, GAIN, FHI-360, MEDAIR, JDA, AKF, AKHS and etc.); and private sector (salt factories, flour millers and importers, vegetable oil/ghee producers and importers, micronutrient powder producers, media and etc.).

PND has established its special website ( which publishes all PND developed guidelines, protocols, SOPs, packages, manuals, IEC materials, nutrition surveillance quarterly bulletins, coordination meetings minutes, and etc.

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